Good day,
I have just been contacted by DSTV saying they have handed me over for an amount of R380 outstanding on my account for not giving them notice of cancellation. I cancelled my DSTV in February 2016, I remember phoning to inquire about the cancellation procedures and was told to send a 30 notice, which I did. To date, they have never contacted me in any way to inform me of the outstanding amount. I managed to log into my old DSTV account online and found that all my details on the account are incorrect. I looked at the Transaction history on the account and the amount of R380 appears for the first time in May of this year. Still never been contacted in any way by DSTV. I’m not sure how DSTV got hold of my number now but phoned today to say they have handed me over for the amount outstanding. Unfortunately, I have just recently had both our home computers cleaned and deleted all non-relevant files, which means I have no proof of my contact with DSTV. What are our rights here, Can DSTV hand us over for an amount we had not been informed about, and an amount added to the account more then a year after the innitial cancelation? Your advice will be grately appreciated.
Kind Regards
JJ Van Der Meijden

Category:  Consumer Protection, Retail Market

Region: South Africa, KwaZulu-Natal