Good day, my ex husband and I married in 1994 in community of property. We had 2 children, now aged 21 and 18. We divorced in 2002 for “business reasons” and continued to live together. We had another child “out of wedlock” in 2010. We have lived as “husband and wife” until recently and it’s now got to the point where I am wanting to get out of the relationship. He is self employed and has told me he will liquidate himself if I try get maintenance out of him. He wants me to sign the children over to him and walk away which I will not do, obviously. He has a lawyer and has informed me that I “have no rights”. I am aware that I do, but I cannot afford legal counsel. I cannot afford to move out and support my girls sadly. I believe he hasn’t paid rent and the electricity was cut yesterday. He hasn’t bought food or supplies for the girls in months as he claims because of our issues, he hasn’t been able to concentrate on work. My girls are living on toast and eggs if they’re lucky. My entire salary goes on medical aid for the family and school fees with a bit left over for toiletries and food. I feel completely helpless as I simply cannot afford even a one bedroom cottage and I have no guarantees that he will contribute. Please advise. Many thanks

Category:  Marriage and Divorce, Maintenance Issues

Region: South Africa, KwaZulu-Natal