Whasup messages suggesting payment in other ways that in monetary values for repairs done on my private PC.
Director superior only responded to the messages from my phone by warning him to keep it professional.
Then instructed me to delete the messages and block the perpitrator’s number.
No further actions were taken against this individual as his father is in the owner of the business… he was not even made aware of it.
I still had to endure the last 3 months spending time in the office during the times that he did come in… having to tolerate the anxiety that it created and un-comfortableness as a woman not knowing in which way he is looking at me. It disgusted me.

If sexual harrasment occurred and managment did not impose any disciplincary action against the offender can I still claim emotional damage as I still had to endure working with this individual 3 months after the incident and still… I am thinking of resigning as I can no longer tolerate it? I also dont have money for expensive lawyers… ??

Category:  Labour and Employment, Sexual harassment

Region: South Africa, Western Cape