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I have a joint bond with my ex. I had to leave him and move out as he was very violent and things got really bad between us to a point where I applied for a protection order I against him. The problem now is the bond as he’s refusing to sell, he’s refusing to get my name out of the bond. I even offered to sign off my portion of the bond to anyone he chooses as I want to start over and rebuild my life, but he’s refusing. He is not even paying for the COJ services. What do I do now as I am stuck, I cannot move on with my life, I’m accumulating a debt I’m not even a part of. He’s living nicely in that house and I’m renting in someone else’s house. It is so unfair to me and my son. I have tried to go to legal aid in JHB CBD and I was turned away.

Category:  Property, General Disputes

Region: South Africa, Gauteng