I trust this mail find you well.

I am not sure whether you would be able to assist, but I am urgently in need of advice.

In October last year I was offered a promotion. The (signed) agreement was that I would perform the duties of a more senior role for the period of one year, while remaining at my current job grade. At the end of that year, should I meet all objectives and receive a certain year-end review rating, my job grade would be adjusted to that of the more senior role. This promotion was effectively an advancement of two job grades.

I completed the year and received the required year-end rating, so the official promotion is due to come into effect. I have now been informed that the company will be reviewing the job grade structure some time next year. As a result, they have decided to downgrade the promotion. (Note, this downgrade is not due to my performance.) They have now asked me to sign a new offer contract, at the new, lower job grade.

This might not sound so bad, as I am still getting promoted, but the resultant difference between the two job grades is that, instead of the 40% salary increase, the revised offer equates to a 15% increase.

In my opinion, the above is unethical. My question, though, is is it legal?

Thanks in advance, and I look forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards

Category:  Labour and Employment, Unfair Labour Practices

Region: South Africa, Western Cape