Samu is your friend’s 6 year old child.she just won the South African Child Genious Competition.When she is awarded her prize moneyed 30 000. The competition host announces that brain specialists have assessed Samu and they can conclude that she is a Brilliant 6 year old with the intelligence and reasoning power of a 30 year old, she is smarter than the average 25 year old. Your friend accepts the 30 000 on behalf of Samu and she is extremely proud.
Two days after winning the competition.Samu sees an advert on the paper where a 24 year old man called Makhubula is selling a laptop for 20 0000.Samu calls and meets Mr Makhubula who asks Samu’s age, Samu says she is 6 but has the reasoning of a 30 year old. Samu also tells Mr Makhubula that her mother will ratify the contract anyway so her age is not an issue. They negotiate and enter into a contract of sale in terms of which Samu will pay Makhubula 18 000, and Mr Makhubula will deliver a new laptop to Samu.

Your friend finds out about the contract and now she is stressed. She asks for your advise

Category:  Consumer Protection, Retail Market

Region: Swaziland, Other