I am currently suspended from work with full pay, whilst an investigation is being lodged about my suppposed illegal conduct. I was part of a panel doing university learning program accreditations and was paid for services rendered which I should not have been to do so. My major is that of being an observer of the process but with this particular accreditation visit I was fully utilized as a full member of the panel. I am fully aware that I not supposed to be compensated for services rendered, but nevertheless claimed because it was okayed and approved by the previous organizer of the accreditation panel in the past with his blessing and on his advice. However, during a recent accreditation visit I claimed compensation as usual, but the new organizer instead has found it fit to report me to my bosses for claiming travelling and accommodation allowance that my company paid for and thus I got suspended subject to an investigation. I explained to my bosses that I do not deny the allegations against me, but was previously given permission and my claim approved and unfortunately this person is not in the company any longer and now need serious legal advice on how to tackle these allegations subject to a disciplinary hearing after the investigation is completed.

Category:  Labour and Employment, Disciplinary Actions

Region: South Africa, Gauteng