Good day sir/madam

Am Malatsa Terry from limpopo with age 25. I have been in an car accident with car(A)which involves three cars. I hit the car that was in front of me (car B) when we were approaching stop sign were that car hit other car that was in front of it(car C) and it was raining. So when we were at police station i told the owner of the car (B) that his lights are not working which he said he knows but he demanded money from me as it was starting to be late because he said he cant drive at night without lights so he want money for hotel as he demand that am the one who damaged his car lights.

I refused to give him money and when we were still inside the police station opening the accident case, he went out to break my car lights with stone and he ran away. I was then has to open the case of malicious damage. And even now they haven’t found him. So the issue is that the person of that car(C) says she want money to fix her car from me. So i dont know what should i do am confused and dont wanna get in trouble. As am the one who hit the car that hit hers. Please assist me.i wanna know whether am the one who should fix her car or the person of car B that hit hers?

Category:  Traffic Matters, M.V. Accidents and Claims

Region: South Africa, Limpopo