Is it right that a landlord renovates the inside of thr property while tenant still is in the house… Also makes a contract for a month after i the tenant stayed here for two years without any contract. And i met the landlord after two years of staying in the house and he claims i damaged the house .what can i do he is causing me emotional stress ..he is stressing out the kids… They missed school in these two weeks for a few days because my stuff is laying everywhere due to the painting and renovations we have to sleep anywhere around the house and with the strong paint smell and dust… He is complaining about a satellite dish. The only mistake i made is i built a shed in the back yard after his consent. It was him that gave consent and i will remove it as it when i move as it is a removable structure also he speaks of selling the house n that if its sold by tomorrow i must find a way n move out … He didnt tell me about this earlier niether is he wanting to give me time and the kids are in their last semester. Please help.

Category:  Property, Rental and Housing Tribunal

Region: South Africa, Eastern Cape