I am currently leasing a flat in Pretoria through an estate agent, my payment history was not good so they issued me a notice to vacate by the 30th of November due to breach of contract. I accepted the notice and was asked to pay rent before the 1st of November with the outstanding amount, I tried to make a settlement with them regarding the outstanding amount but they did not reply on that one.

Same day an eviction letter was placed on my door by the owners employer which stated I have to move immediately or else the police will be asked to intervene. The owner personally called me threatening me to move out or else she will get me thrown in jail, tried to reason with her with fail. I informed the estate agency who were as shocked as I was and they asked if do I want to move as the owner has stated or do I want to serve my notice. I said I will move out before or on the 30th of November and will pay the rent as stated before.

Last week Friday my electricity and access to the building was cut off by the property management who were given instruction by the owner and we found this out today since they were closed already. I stay with a toddler at that flat and my food went off due to no power as well as I had to spend money that I do not have in order to buy food via Take away delivery since I had no way out of the building.

I asked the estate agency and they did not know about this. Please how can I handle this situation because it seems that the landlord is determined to evict me before my notice is expired? As far as I know this is not legal.

Thank you

Category:  Property, Evictions

Region: South Africa, Gauteng