Hi, I am under debt review with a court order, I have 2 years now and I spoke to my debt counsellor who said I can’t withdraw from it if I can’t settle all my debts excluding the bond.I am unable to pay my monthly debt arrangements made by my debt counsellor at the court on my behalf because my financial situation has changed. I want to apply for credit to pay off all the unsecured debts and only pay 1loan. I am busy applying for better jobs, go to interviews in the banking sectors and my applications are not successful which I think it’s my debt review situation. I am also making payments myself not via the debt cousellor but they still deduct R250 from my account every month which I requested them to reduce or cancellation off but they ignoring me. I really need to sort this out because there is one company in Boksburg who says they assist people to cancel their debt review court order within 2 month’s and they want R13000.00 which you pay in minimum of R1000.00 a month. Which I am considering because I want to get outviv debt review asap. I was renting out my house and the tenant moved out in the middle of our contract when I moved back I found a lot of damaged things, I can’t even pay my levy do that the body corporates can send the insurance to fix my property. I really need credit and to be able to make payments arrangements with my creditors. Please help with solution.

Kind Regards

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Region: South Africa, Gauteng