My ex husband resides in Germany. I was arrested and sentenced 5 years under section 2761i for culpable homicide. I was in an abusive relationship with an alcoholic which resulted in the accidental death of my life partner. I signed over guardianship of our two children to him. In the court documents he stated he would bring them to me 2x per year. He has not. I also have supervised whatsapp contact with them every Sunday (on his phone). I have reminded him that he still owes me spousal maintenance as set out in our divorce agreement. No reply. There was no clause stating when this maintenance ends. Please I like help with that as well as what else I’m entitled to. I have not seen my children since 17 Dec 2015. Please note I signed over guardianship and not custody of my children. I have all documentation with me, divorce agreement as well as guardianship papers. Does guardianship automatically release you from child maintenance? The guardianship papers were also signed under duress due to my circumstances. Is he not in contradiction of a high court order by not bringing my children to see me? What about emotional trauma?

Category:  Civil Matters, High Court

Region: South Africa, Freestate