I rented a house in December last year, the landlord allowed two boys that live at the back to jump into the yard I escalated this since May and got no assistance from her till September when the one guy stole my washing, the landlord called him and they fought and he threatened her and dropped the line. That Thursday the guy broke into the house while I was away and stole al my belongings, my tv was found at the back of the yard and the neighbor who saw said it was one guy who was taking things and dumping them at the back. This guy is the only one who knows the ins and outs of the house cos he always passes there. I then moved out as he doors took long to be fixed and I didn’t feel safe, now the landlord is accusing me for damages that were there when I moved in as she was not there to see the condition of the previous lady that left I even escalated this to her, she has now threatened me with lawyers but the lease was breached when I followed the part that said I must respect her neighbors and report them to her but she failed to resolve this until the day she fought with him and he then broke into the house. I lost all my valuables and couldn’t stay in a place where the guy knows how to come inside as I am a female and live alone, my life was my main priority, the break in happened on the 5th of October and I was out the house the next week and she agreed to pay my monthly pro rata rent and my deposit as I have never been a bad tenant and reported things to her and was also patient but now she is looking for a fight

Category:  Property, Rental Matters

Region: South Africa, Western Cape