Good Day,
I opened a cellphone contract that includes a cellphone and have been paying this for the past 18 months. 4 Weeks ago the service provider I have the contract with just blacklisted my handset on their network without notification or any correspondence. It took 3 weeks for us to get them to acknowledge that the phone has been blacklisted and their reason was it was due to fraud. They then requested that I send proof of purchase to them to have it un-blacklisted. Even though I opened the contract and received the device in one of their stores they wanted me to send this proof. I provided them with the proof of purchase and they said the phone will be un-blacklisted and should be back on the network within 24 hours. It has been another week and the phone is still not activated. I tried to deal with customer care but the last communication from them was that it is activated. They are not responding to any further emails sent. My phone is still not activated and I am still paying for a service that is not being delivered. What steps can I take? I can’t afford to pay penalties for early termination of contract. I feel I have been treated unfairly by them just deactivating the device from the network and still expecting monthly payment. Your advice will be very much appreciated.

Category:  Consumer Protection, Retail Market

Region: South Africa, Gauteng