On 15 August it was my 5 year work anniversary and as per my contract, it stipulates ” A once-off 10 days additional leave will be granted to the employee after every five year of uninterrupted service. The employee may make use of this leave during the sixth or subsequent years, subject to agreement with the employer in terms of its leave policy and operational requirements. This leave will be granted only to employees receiving 23 days or less leave per year.” I did receive my 10 additional leave days. I then received another work offer and decided to resign from my current employer with my last day being 31 October 2017. When I inquired about the payment of my leave days, I was informed that they will be revoking my 10 additional days, as it falls under discretionary leave. I voiced my opinion and told my HR that I don’t agree with there decision, but my opinion was dismissed. I need to know whether they are in their legal right to not pay me for those 10 days.

Category:  Labour and Employment, General

Region: South Africa, Western Cape