My ex had not paid maintenance for his 2 kids sins May 2016, I have in the interim lost our family home of 14 years & basically walked away with nothing, I am renting a 2 bedrrom place for myself, teenage daughter & teenage son, since May 2016 I haven’t received a cent child support, I am battling to keep a roof over our heads, my ex bears no consequence to this, apprently he isn’t working & stays with his sister, they stay in Secunda so I have no way of actually finding out if he is working as I am in P.E. & his sister will also lie & say he isn’t working if he actually is. Is there by any means I can have a warrant of arrest issued for him without having to go see a lawyer, I am in no position to pay for a laywer,legal aid can’t assist me as I earn more than R7500.00, but my gross salary is only R15000.00 per month so I have no money left at the end of each month.

Please guide me on this

Category:  Marriage and Divorce, Maintenance Issues

Region: South Africa, Eastern Cape