I need a recording from my cell phone company of my conversation between me and a third party in Johannesburg who applied for a loan to me as a loan broker in the Eastern Cape, as proof that I gave telephonic instructions to him to whom to go in Johannesburg to apply for a loan because he needed the funds urgently. He was at the point of traveling to me in the Eastern Cape. I phone him To save him all the expenses and told him to whom to go. He signed my Power Of Attorney to Act on his behalf and will pay me for services rendered if the loan he applied for pays out.
He received his loan from the company I told him to go to. He now refuses to pay me stating that I did not give him the company’s name and he did an online application.

The cell phone company tells me that I need a court order instructing them to release the recording of the conversation between him and me. Is it possible that I can apply to the Court myself due to lack of funds, I am a pensioner, and how must I go about it.

Category:  Civil Matters, Damages

Region: South Africa, Eastern Cape