I used to work for a promotions company, when I started I signed a contract starting that I have no employee benefits I am an independent sales representative. I worked for about two month there. When i left I first give notice as the contract clearly stated am not an employee I offer them certain services for a time unspecified. I gave back all their branding and material but I was never paid commission for the month which I left. I confronted the manger and he explained that the first month your earnings are not from commission but the company. Then your second month you would earn money from your first month and on your second month money you made on commission from your first month and so forth. They paid me R3000 first month. I made more than 80 sales of which minimum commission was R398 for the smallest packaged. I understand that they have to deduct their R3000 from the first month but I don’t understand why I can’t get the remainder. The company is Real Promotions there is a group of us to whom this inhumane act was done to, we worked at least 11 hours daily because they said it was the way the programme is. Truth be told when you are desperate even the lowest paying job or harsh conditions seem better than doing nothing at home. I have found another job. But it was difficult because I had to find means to get there. I borrowed money because they didn’t want to pay me. I only earn 6000 I can’t afford a good lawyer, please advice.

Category:  Labour and Employment, General

Region: South Africa, Gauteng