Good day
I have been abused by the bank as a client.
I took out a Credit card a couple of year ago and have been paying and unfortunately I was forced to give up my job in 2016 July. In November 2016 my Nightmare literally started. i received phone calls from the debt collection department, which I did not mind until the abuse started. i was made to feel useless, like a bad mother and was told that it looks to them that I am just lazy and do not want to work. the abuse escalated and on numerous occasions I had to ask to speak to supervisors and managers. They listened to complaints and promised to send me the relevant details to complain about the abuse. Eventually in May 2017 a supervisor listened and actually helped me to get in contact with the right people. Then the first investigation into the case was completed and I was given a report to take to the Banking Ombud so that they could take the case further. In the report they did mention that calls where picked up where in the consultants had acted unprofessionally and without humility. With this I also got calls from the bank to state that the matter has been handles internally. I asked them what about the fact that I was abused and attacked and they just replayed that the matter has been dealt with internally.

The Ombud was involved and the Bank had and additional 2-3 investigations where with each investigation my case was de-escalated as if it never happened and I was told that the matter has been dealt with internally.

Eventually the Ombud told me that they could investigate but this type of case did not fall in there jurisdiction and I had to involve lawyers to take on my case.

The Banks cant surely be allowed to just bully and abuse clients as it is there right.
What is my next step and where do I find the help I need to take this bank on? i have had nightmares and they just feel that they have done nothing wrong at all.

Please help me.

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Region: South Africa, Gauteng