I am assisting a SASSA pensioner, since 2014 in a dispute with her BC
The BC and some staff members at Ekurhuleni Metro, refuse to have the one each bulk electricity & water meters removed and replaced with 8/9 x single meters, for each home ( only 8 x homes)
During May 2017 the Ekurhuleni Metro decided that as from 1 July 2017 all tenants accounts, will be phased out, in the next 18 months.
This BC have 3 x current tenants and can only comply with this Metro decision, if single meters are installed. There are already separate accounts, with Metro for the rates and taxes.
The BC members are all in favour of this change, except 2 homeowners.
The one particular homeowner/trustee and the newly appointed managing agent, refuse to assist for any change to be done.
Two of the Metro employees, also assist them in blocking this extremely necessary change.
The main reason I had been trying since October 2014, to have the changes made, is because the lady was registered with Ekurhuleni Metro as an indigent person. She then may be assisted with her municipal services, in terms of the Constitution, the Ekurhuleni Metro policy.
As only the rates and taxes account is in her name, Metro can only assist, with that account. The rest of the services she is unable to receive any assistance, because that account is in name of Dersleyhof Body Corporate. (BC)
This resulted in that this lady rights have already been severely affected and I am unable find any pro bono lawyer/advocate, to assist.
I now need to file an urgent application, with North Gauteng High Court and although I am able and willing to do all the necessary serving/appearance. I need to get the documents correctly drafted and I am not 100% sure how to do that?

Category:  The Constitution, Rights Violation

Region: South Africa, Gauteng