I have been renting from my landlady for a year now. I let friends of mine move in by me in December 2016 to which the landlady agreed stating they may only stay for a short whil. They were only suppose to stay for 2 months. My rent is R3000. They were suppose to pay R1500 however, They didn’t pay rent December and January. They were 3 individuals 2 Adults and a minor 17 years of age. The 1 adult has moved out since they broke up. The adult that moved out was the one who eventually started paying rent in February. He moved out in June. The lady managed to get the rent money from her father but was then no longer buying groceries or electricity and I had to supply all the above mentioned items. I have told the lady a week a go that her and the minor need to move by the 31st of this month. She has agreed but I am afraid they won’t move. She has also threatened me with the squatters law. I financially cannot afford to look after them anymore . please help

Category:  Property, Rental and Housing Tribunal

Region: South Africa, Eastern Cape