My husband and I were divorced and we both signed an agreement that he would pay for our child’s school fees until he turned 18 and give me a yearly amount of R6000 every year in July for the child’s upkeep. Needless to say, he did not keep to the agreement, despite signing the agreement. The child in question is not either mine or his biological child, however, my ex-husband registered the child as mine and his own child (he has many contacts at Home Affairs)which was basically so that he could acquire permanent residence in South Africa. I tried to take the matter to the family court in Market street, however, it was thrown out of court because the signed agreement said that no children were born out of the marriage. He refuses to pay and when I took the matter up with the attorney who assisted me with my divorce, he said that I would have to pay R30 000 in order to summons my ex-husband for failure to keep to the agreement. I can not afford that amount and really feel helpless. Please advice me.

Category:  Marriage and Divorce, Maintenance Issues

Region: South Africa, Gauteng