I was charged with Misconduct Gross Dishonesty days after I had to sign a warning for absenteeism that occured after the alleged Misconduct case.

The reason I say alleged is because Liberty say they followed company and labour procedures.
1. Manager made me sign a warning for absenteeism mid June 2017 days after that I was called for a meeting with the Forensic Department that I have no idea of. Thanks only the misconduct case to light of a incident of May 2017 came to light.
2. Forensic together with the manager did not get their confirmation from the doctor that treated me. They never asked me or the doctor they got their confirmation from. The ‘doctor’ or the receptionist told them that I was treated by the Locem but yet still went ahead and confirmed something that he/she knows nothing about.
Forensic’s and the manager should have called and confirmed with the correct doctor than I would’ve understood or known why I told my colleague “I’m taking all the days the doctor gave me off” because the doctor the Locem would’ve told them the medication she gave me required me to bed rest until further notice. That would’ve been the next Saturday I had to see her but she wasn’t in.
I went back to work before the week was over and I completed 4 days leave.

The dispute comes in where the other doctor or his receptionist said that the note was only for one day. I didn’t lie or misled the company or anyone liberty didn’t do proper investigations and changed me with Misconduct Gross Dishonesty because of clearly a personal vendetta.
The charges Misconduct Gross Dishonesty was laid because the manager knew that something like that would get me dismissed and it did.

If this isn’t unfair labour practice in don’t know what is.

Category:  Insurance, Disputes

Region: South Africa, Gauteng