My name is Paul van Zyl Jr.
Since the age of 13 I’ve been on and off medications for mental illnesses and one of these included Risperdal. My doctor and nurses concluded it worked the best alongside alprazolam and sometime clonazepam for my anxiety. Now I’m 26, and I have developed such bad gynecomastia that I can’t even go outside on a summer day without a jacket to try and hide my shame, I was never told male breasts could even be a possible side effect, and it was never in the packet inserts, until it happened to me and I found others on the internet who suffered the same fate. Recently men have been suing these drug companies, and I feel I should also at the very least have them pay me what breast reduction surgery would cost. That would only be fair. It has affected my self esteem so badly since people call me bad names and think I’m a woman to the point I’ve developed social anxiety disorder. It’s ruined my life. Sometimes I feel like suicide is the only option out of this. I have no money for an operation myself, I am begging you with all my heart if you could find someone who COULD help me win this fight. They should not have kept this side effect secret, it has ruined me. I am begging you. I can’t go on like this. If you could find me some lawyer or even a surgeon who could help me for free, or a low fee since I have very little money, I’d be forever in your debt. i just have no idea how the justice system works or how to file a lawsuit.

Best regards,

Paul van Zyl, a very fractured and emotional male with breasts..

Category:  Health & Medical, Drug Matters

Region: South Africa, Mpumalanaga