I have recently moved out of a flat I was renting a month ago. There tenants are refusing to pay me my deposit because of a burnt mark on a kitchen top.
Their own agent has on record that I found the mark there when I moved in but they are saying I failed to report it.
They claim to have done inspection before I moved in.
they claim section 11.2 on the contract stating “”If there is work to be done to the Premises, which is not the
Tenant’s fault; the Tenant must tell the Landlord at least within two weeks of finding out that work needs to be done. If the Tenant does not do so, the Tenant will be forced to have the work done at the Tenant’s own cost.”
I was never the tenant when the kitchen top was burnt.
Is what they are doing lawful? They should have picked up the issue before I could move as they claim to have done an inspection. Can I take legal action against them?

Category:  Property, Rental Matters

Region: South Africa, Gauteng