Please help with my case, so in december my house was broken into and my personal stuff and professional cameras were stolen which i use for my studio as a photographer. I opened a case of theft and upon investigation it was discovered it was one of the tenants son who stole it. He was arrested and sent to prison but before sentencing the parents convinced me to drop the case on condition they would buy my cameras and other stuff. We signed an agreement with the prosecutor on the conditions of dropping the case that he does not commit any crime in the country and i would be compensated for what i lost. The prosecutor further said if those conditions were not met the case could be reinstated. After 8mnths i have not been compensated and the parents seem not to care anymore as their son was let out of jail. I need to know what are my options if any to get compensated for what i lost and the channels to follow. Thanks

Category:  Civil Matters, Damages

Region: South Africa, Gauteng