My daughters fiance, foreigner, forced her to leaver her job, left to go back to Dubai, abandoned her with no money, which he promised her, if she left her job. She has a 3yr old and he put her in debt before he left. He moved the family into a house and is no longer paying rent or anything towards the home. We had a dispute logged with rental housing tribunal & sent him subpoena to come back to SA. He did but then the evening thereafter, gave my daughter an unknown substance to swallow which rendered her unconcious. He proceeded to undress her and admitted to taking videos of her naked and God only knows what he did and what is on these videos, which he has now threatened to release onto social media, if she does not co’operate with him. He tried to take her alone to a remote location and in fear I made her dad go with. He did not like this so he agan got verbally abusive and she told him to get out the car.
We tried going to family court for a restraining order but were rudely spoken to by the staff you expect to help you and needless to say wasted the whole day and got nowhere.
I plea to you for guidance, as we do not have money for lawyers. We are stranded in a house that we cannot pay for and fear for my daughter and her baby’s life. What do we do? I need this man out of the country and out of our lives. He has threatened that he knows people that will kill for him.

Category:  Family Law, Domestic Violence

Region: South Africa, Gauteng