What right does the HOA of an estate to keep changing the rules and sometimes mismanaging the Estate. We live in a retirement estate in Midstream Estates, where the levies have increased an average 15% every year for the past 6 years. A newly appointed HOA have been shofting the goalposts every since it was appointed 2 years ago. The common gardens have been watered three times a week in summer, and now the HOA have notified that there is no money in the budget to water the gardens so often anymore. Can they just change the schedule and advise in the weekly general newsletter. A herb garden was established for the residents to use from day one. Now they have given one resident the right to remove the herbs and plant vegetables and then we have to buy the vegetables from him. And many more unsavoury changes.

Category:  Property, General Disputes

Region: South Africa, Eastern Cape