Good day,
I am was in a domestic same sex partnership for a month short of eight years. In the last four the last four years I hand not been working due to being retrenched. I have been trying to start my own business witch has been a challenge along with keeping my eye on the Job market as well. in This, this meant my partner was caring the expenses when I didn’t or had very little money. but when I did bring in money it was spent on household expenses. I was basically the person that kept the house together. Cooking,cleaning, washing and ironing all that i could to pull my weight. Last month I was informed by my partner that he would like to “call it a day” as he put it. Now he is trying to throw me out of the house knowing full well I have no place to go or have the funds to do that. I have asked him to be understanding that I’m looking for a job but also to remember that once I have a job I will need to save a little to be able to the deposit and first months rent and money to be able to move. He is not getting this at all and all he wants is me to get out. basically doesn’t care if i live on the street.
Is there anything legal that I can do? Please advice as soon as possible.
Many Thanks

Category:  Marriage and Divorce, Getting divorce

Region: South Africa, Gauteng